CodeCast App


Broadcast your coding project live across your local network.

I created this as a teaching tool, so that my students could easily explore my code at their own pace during live coding demonstrations. It also allows them to broadcast their own code to each other, so they could help each other out.

Started as a command line tool called Live File View, before I discovered electron and evilscan and realised I could make it into a desktop app experience.

The code is a relative mess, but it was a learning experience in both getting to grips with some ES6 features, and also how best to use angularjs alongside electron. It uses Socket.IO to send live updates to any users viewing your broadcast.

So far there is only a MacOS build, and it is not signed, which means you will need to allow apps from untrusted developers.

Screenshot of broadcasting Screenshot of code


To build it yourself, run:

git clone
npm install
npm run dist


Here is the releases page

And here is the latest version: Codecast 0.3.6